Leila grew up dancing and was a nationally ranked level 10 gymnast, a three time finalist on American Ninja Warrior, and a two time USA Yoga Asana champion. She has trained and worked with Pilobolus Dance Theater, STREB Extreme Action Dance Company, Crash Alchemy Dance Theater and many others. She frequently collaborates with corporations, artists, and individuals from around the nation on creative projects. Leila is a trained acrobat, hand balancer, dancer, contortionist, aerialist, part of an adagio duo, and  an experimental theater performer and practitioner. She is the founder of Bodystrokes, a movement and visual art collective that explores the integration of body movement and visual art through performance and live art immersive experiences. She is a versatile lover of movement who dabbles in everything from parkour to trampoline. Her pursuits are a blend of performance, teaching, organization, creation, and facilitation. She has a deep love of contact improvisation as a means of exploring our relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us. 

With Undergraduate and Master's degrees from Fordham University and New York University where she studied Communications, Performance Studies and Business, Leila has a passion for combining movement with other forms of expression.  Her master's dissertation focused on the intersection of Movement and New Media Technologies, questioning identity, liveness and the human body. She is interested in arts education, alternative education,  site specific performance, movement, architecture and urban environments,  contact improvisation as a vessel for teaching and learning, and deconstructing and reconstructing identity as they pertain to movement.  Leila is interested in movement and how it can be a vessel for change and self-exploration. What possibilities become available to us as we combine mediums and explore new ways of storytelling?

Currently a performance artist and creative collaborator in Austin, TX, Leila frequently works for major corporate events, professional sporting events, festivals, conventions, and private functions. She loves discovering new forms of expression, and finding others who also love to play, explore, create, and tell stories. 

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